4ème Concours International de Piano
“in memoriam Pietro Iadeluca”

4ème Concours International de Piano


1. The cultural association “il cuscino di stelle – Pietro Iadeluca” is organising its 4th piano competition “Piana del Cavaliere, in memoriam Pietro Iadeluca”. The competition will be held in Arsoli (Italy) from July 14th to 16th 2016 and it is open to pianists of any nationality, according to the specific categories by age.

2. Categories and programmes:

(Age limit on July 16th 2016; compositions performed without "da capo" unless necessary)

Category Junior A (age limit 10), free programme 3-4 minutes;

Category Junior B (age limit 13), free programme 5-10 minutes;

Category Junior C (age limit 17), free programme 10-15 minutes;

Category Senior (age limit 33 included).

  • Round 1: programme of 15-20 minutes containing: 1. one movement of classical sonata or theme and variations (composed before 1829); 2. other free-choice pieces only if the timing of 20 minutes is respected;
  • Round 2: free programme of 30-35 minutes containing at least 2 different composers (compositions already played in round 1 are not allowed).

3. Evaluation:

The evaluations by the jury will be made on a scale of 100/100; points at least 80/100 will be published;

Performance does not have to be from memory.

4. Prizes:
    •    Artistic ceramic plaque to the top three candidates in each category;
    •    Diplomas to the competitors having at least 80/100 points:
    ⁃    Diploma of "Grand First Prize" with points 99/100 or 100/100;
    ⁃    Diploma of "First Prize" with points between 98/100 and 95/100;
    ⁃    Diploma of "Second Prize" with points between 94/100 and 90/100;
    ⁃    Diploma of "Third Prize" with points between 89/100 and 85/100;
    ⁃    Diploma of "Fourth Prize" with points between 84/100 and 80/100;
    •    Certificate of attendance given to each participant;
    •        Scholarships:
        Category JUNIOR C:
    ⁃    1st ranked (at least 95/100) €250;
        Category SENIOR:
    ⁃    1st ranked (at least 95/100) €2000 + a Concert during the Festival "Piana del Cavaliere" in 2017 (hotel expenses + contribution to travel expenses);
    ⁃    2nd ranked (at least 90/100) €600;
    ⁃    3rd ranked (at least 85/100) €300;

    •    Special Prize Concert during the Festival "PIANO CITY NAPOLI 2016" (hotel expenses + contribution to travel expenses);   
    • Special Prize* "Pietro Iadeluca"  (IT IS NOT AN OBLIGATION TO PARTICIPATE):
    from 50€ to 200€ ; total amount available 400€.
* for remarkable performances of one or more compositions by Pietro Iadeluca, music scores available on the web site www.pietroiadeluca.it or by request from the association "il cuscino di stelle"; the musical scores will be sent to the participants without additional charge. The composition can be played either at the beginning, during or at the end of the performance.

   • Valuable items or in-kind prizes:
    ⁃    Category A: 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranked;
    ⁃    Category B: 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranked;
    -    Category C: 2nd and 3rd ranked;

5. The jury may decide to stop the performance of a candidate at any time and/or to listen to a candidate again. The jury may give joint awards, special awards or not give any awards. The jury will establish the number of candidates who may go on to round 2.

6. Members of the jury have to produce a written declaration regarding candidates who are relatives, or current pupils taught in the last two years, for these cases it will not be permitted to take part in the discussion regarding the performance of the same nor will they be allowed to award a mark.

7. The jury shall be composed of established pianists and/or piano professors; the composition of the jury will be published on the web site. The artistic director may at any time invite new members to join the jury, if circumstances require.

8. Before starting to play, the candidates shall present themselves to the jury with a valid identity document and PROVIDE AT LEAST ONE COPY of the compositions that will be played.

9. The list with the scheduled time for each category will be published on the web site 10 days before the beginning of the competition. The playing order follows alphabetical order starting from letter D (from the surname of the youngest candidate of the previous competition). Candidates must check the scheduled time on the web site or by phone or by whatsapp on +393333987639. They must be present at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

10. The registration fee will be refunded in the following cases: should the whole competition or a specific category have to be cancelled because of circumstances beyond the organizers' control; should there be too many candidates (the applications received first will be accepted and the registration fee be refunded to the excluded candidates).

11. The 1st prize winners from previous years cannot participate in the same category.

12. The winners must participate in prize giving ceremony that will take place on July 16th at 20:00 in Arsoli theater "la Fenice" (or in any other location that has been previously notified). The organization reserves the right to record and broadcast on radio, TV or web, any stage of the competition.

13. Travel expenses will be borne by the candidate. The winners' prizes will be awarded at the prize-giving ceremony. Concerning prices in money, the amount in Euros € will be accounted by bank transfer, it may be subject to any legally applicable deductions. Winners of prize in money will have to provide the organizer with their IBAN and BIC or SWIFT code for the bank transfer.

14. Registration fee for each candidate:

€ 30 for category Junior A and B;

€ 50 for category Junior C;

€ 80 for category Senior;

The payment by bank transfer must be made by June 29th 2016 to the bank account of the association "il cuscino di stelle - Pietro Iadeluca", address: via della Montagna 29, Pereto (Italy); bank name and location: Banca del Fucino, Carsoli (Italy); IBAN: IT36Z0312440510000000231442, BIC: BAFUITRRXXX.

14. Registration must be completed by June 29th 2016 by email or post. The application must contain:

  1. Registration form correctly filled in ;
  2. Proof of payment of the registration fee;
  3. Copy of an identity document of the candidate (or of the legal representative for candidates under 18 years old).

15. Legal requirements: in applying, the candidate accepts all the rules of the competition as here presented, he/she allows the treatment of personal data, according to Decree Law 196/2003, article 13, and he/she consents to the association "il cuscino di Stelle - Pietro Iadeluca" using any audio-visual or other material, obtained during the different stages of the competition. The Court of L'Aquila shall be competent for any controversy.

To submit your application or for any questions:

Cultural Association "Il Cuscino di Stelle - Pietro Iadeluca" via della Montagna n.29, 67064 Pereto (Italy);

Tel.: +393333987639.

E-mail:Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.

Internet site:www.pietroiadeluca.it.

Contact person: Armando Iadeluca

Competition venue: Teatro Comunale La Fenice, Piazza dei Martiri Antifascisti 1, Arsoli.

How to reach the competition from Rome:

  • by train: from Roma-Tiburtina station (about 1h), stations at Arsoli or Oricola-Carsoli (contact us if you need transfer from the station to the competition);
  • by bus: with Prontobus (from Roma Fiumicino or Roma Tiburtina) or COTRAL (Terminal Ponte Mammolo);
  • by car: highway A24 exits Vicovaro-Mandela or Carsoli-Oricola.